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Hi Yes the children loved it and the adults! I have some quotes for you below from some of the classes. 'enjoyed being shown the different notes on the pan' 'enjoyed the video information' 'liked having a go on the drums' 'enjoyed playing the pan' 'like the sound of the steel pans' 'liked dancing to the music' 'enjoyed the joining in' Hope this helps and thank you so much again it was amazing! Many thanks Helen Bedford
Hi Marcella and Junior, The pleasure was all ours. Thank you for enriching our curriculum. Kind regards, Simone Bunbury
Hi Junior, Yes they had a great time thank you and really enjoyed the music. It was lovely to see them having so much fun dancing to the music and was such an uplifting start to the day. Thanks again Hannah Hunt Head of School
Hi Marcella, I hope this finds you well. First of all, thank you so much for coming to work with Year 5 and 6 yesterday. The children really enjoyed themselves and they're still talking about it now! Thankyou for your time and enthusiasm Regards Kim
Hi Marcella, i have received many compliments from staff for your performance. This type of music really hit the spot for us and was a wonderful opportunity to be together as a school and have a good dance to conclude our Black History Month events. As I think you could tell, your steel pan music was clearly well received by our students, the majority of whom have profound sensory and communication needs. The music was rhythmic enough to soothe but also joyful to dance to. It was a genuine party atmosphere but accessible at an angle that is hard to get right sometimes for our SEN guys, some who struggle to regulate on a daily basis and avoid distress. I was grateful to see so many smiles around the room – thank you very much. Dylan Scott
Dear Marcella Thank you very much for coming in and sharing with the children a little history of the Steelpan. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and hopefully in the future we can invite you back for KS1. Regards Elsa
Hi Marcella, Yes, the children absolutely loved the workshops today as well as the assembly. It really helped to bring the topic alive for them. I've had several staff members also tell me how much they enjoyed the performance, so thank you both so much for coming. I've also just used some of the resources from your website for my lesson for tomorrow. Kind regards Debbie
Hi Marcella, Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, to thank you for such a wonderful day. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there, when you came to do the workshops at Lodge Farm on Friday 14th June but the feedback from the staff and children was so positive. I've attached what I wrote for our newsletter which includes some pupil voice. You are very welcome to use it for your website if you wish. Thank you again. Claire Penfold
We have had some great comments from parents.Nearly everyone of them have asked to have you back next year.So watch this space!!!!! Thank you so much for your time.Hopefully finances pending next year we will see you again. Thank you once again. Kind regards. Tina Leyer
Hi Junior, Sorry I have not been in touch sooner, we have been very busy with our Summer performance rehearsals! The girls (and teachers) absolutely loved the workshop and were so excited when they came back to class. Two of the girls even started to make steel drums out of paper in their free time! Thank you both for such an informative and uplifting workshop. Kind regards, Kate Faulkner
Hi Marcella Sorry I haven't replied sooner-just lots of paperwork at this time of year! Yes, thank you very much for your visit. The children all really enjoyed the day and your music made us all smile. Thanks again, regards, Arran Jackson
Hi Marcella, Just to say many thanks for your visit to Hall School yesterday. The children, as always, loved your performance. Look forward to your next visit! Emma Barber
Hello Marcella and Junior, Thank you for a most enjoyable experience. Both teachers and staff had a great time and learned so much from your workshops. Wishing you all the best... you never know, we may book you again ! Kind regards Portia.
Hello Marcella and Junior I wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for a wonderful afternoon with your workshop today. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought it was a wonderful experience for them. Music is such an important part of the curriculum. It was really working with you and hopefully we can work together again. Many thanks for helping to make our day special. Hope your journey home was smooth. Many thanks Have a lovely Easter when it come. Annwyl Charlesworth
Hi They absolutely loved it they were buzzing all day. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your talents with us it was a great opportunity for the children to hear and see musicians playing and also to learn about steel pans. Ann Ann Jessopp Headteacher
Dear Junior, Thank you so much for your visit. We had a fabulous day in your company and the children all very much enjoyed the steel pan workshop and assembly. I am hoping to speak with Nina and arrange for a repeat visit next year! Best wishes, Beth Fletcher
Good Afternoon Many thanks for your superb workshop these past two days. Every member of staff has said how much they and the children enjoyed the experience. It was so informative and great fun. I only had to close my eyes and imagine I was sipping a rum punch on some faraway Caribbean Island ( or maybe just wishful thinking!). Many thanks again and hope to see you sometime in the future. Maureen 🍹🏝️
Hi Marcella, I am sorry I was not able to attend a full session yesterday but from what I saw the children really enjoyed the sessions. I had very positive feed back from the staff. Best Regards Daryl Daryl Pritchard Headteacher
Good morning Marcella and Junior, Apologies for the delay in replying. Feedback from staff is that the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Thank you for visiting us here at Rudham. Best wishes, Wendy Jenkinson
Marcella Thank you very much for a wonderful day, the children and staff had so much fun, and learnt a lot about Steel pan music. Kind Regards Stacey Baker
Junior and Marcella. I would just like to say thank you for coming to St George’s International School in Luxembourg. The children and staff really got a sense of Caribbean culture with the the energy and enjoyment you both brought. It was a fantastic introduction to our Caribbean topic. Daniel Austrie
Just wanted to say a huge Thankyou for today. You were fabulous and the children loved it. Such energy it was a really positive and enjoyable experience for the children. Thanks so much, Alice
Dear Marcella and Junior, We would like to thank you for our steel pan experience. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the uplifting music . The music was so well selected for the children. The opportunity to have a go and lean about the steel pans was very stimulating. We would love you to return when you are next in Northumberland. "An uplifting, joyous occasion" Best Wishes, Hazel Davey
Hi, The staff and children thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. Being in the office i could hear the music and could have listened to it all day. Thank you. Regards Judith
Hi Junior, They absolutely loved it. They enjoyed listening to you both play and getting the opportunity to explore for themselves. All of these teachers also really enjoyed it and were talking about it all day. Thank you so much for a great day. Penny
Hi Marcella, Thank you very much. The children loved the workshops. I have added some pictures to our website and Twitter. Michelle
Hi Marcella, Thank you so much for coming to our school. The staff and the children loved the workshops and assemblies. I had comments from all of the staff that attended the assemblies, and those that were in the workshops said how fun and informative it was for the children. Here are a few quotes from children: T.M - "I thought it was brilliant because it made me feel excited inside and I just wanted to get up and dance!” L.C - "I really enjoyed the workshop! It was fun to learn the history of the steel pans and we even got to have a go!" B.W - "I really liked in the assembly when we got to dance like we were at a carnival." Thank you again! Maddy Miles
Hello Marcella and Junior, Thank you for the workshops on Monday. All the staff and children were really excited to tell me about the fun they had. I even had 2 year 5 boys asking me to book you in again next year! Kind regards Naomi
Hello, Thank you, they loved it! It was good value for Early Years Pupil Premium money. The staff enjoyed it too. Sorry Tara missed playing with you, next time? Depending on what funding we have next year (how many children we have with EYPP money), I can say we'll be looking to book you again. The summer seems a good time. I will get back to you shortly after Christmas and see if we can find a date in our busy diaries! Thank you so much for coming. Ruth Cotterill
Dear Marcella and Junior, Thank you for a fantastic day last week. Both children and staff loved it. When you were talking about Madness, I meant to tell you that one of my favourite songs by them is 'Wings of a Dove'. I then later realised that the steel pans are featured heavily in it! Do you know the one? Thank you again. All the best, Patrick Dignan
Dear Marcella and Junior, We wanted to thank you for the workshop that you held at our school last week. It was a big financial commitment for the school but we felt that it was important for our children to have experienced World Music. What a super day we had with you! Thank you for bringing the school alive with the sounds of the steel pan drums. The children are still talking about it! Thank you again for your time and efforts Maggie Sanderson Headteacher
Dear Junior and Marcella, Please accept my apologies for the delay in feeding back to you. The pace of events seems to have sped and time is hurtling away! I have been so keen to tell you just what a positive impact you had on the WHOLE school! Both children and staff have been asking me when you are coming back! I cannot thank you enough for what you brought to our school, the energy, the rhythm, the music...and your great passion expertise too. The children have produced some cards that they would like to send. I wonder if it will be possible to have an address to post them to. If not, I could scan them in. Let me know which will suit you best. Meanwhile, thank you once again for bringing some Caribbean sound and sunshine to Bedfordshire! We are already looking forward to your next visit! Very best wishes, Vanessa Pearce Headteacher
Hi Marcella and Junior What a wonderful day we had in your company! Your expertise and musicality inspired our pupils; what better accolade than a hall of dancing children. Thank you for your understanding regarding our timetable difficulties, we are very grateful. Kindest regards, Anne Pearman Music and Spanish teacher
Hi Junior and Marcella We have had only positive feedback regarding the steel pan performances and workshops last week. They were thoroughly enjoyed by both the pupils and the staff, and three parents even contacted us to say how much their children had enjoyed the sessions. Many thanks Regards Tracey Tracey Poree
Hi Marcella and Junior, I had to rush off on Friday so I did not get a chance to email you. The girls absolutely loved the performance and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and dancing- as did the teachers! What a great afternoon, thank you! The girls said they definitely recommend it for next year! Kind regards, Kate Faulkner Yr2
They thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and having a go at playing the steel drums. Thanks for coming back to us Julie
Good Morning, Yes the children really enjoyed your workshop, we had lots of positive feedback. Thank you so much for a great day. Kind Regards Melissa Tidy
Good morning, The boys (and staff!) loved the sessions yesterday. They came back from the session buzzing and I was so impressed with how much the boys remembered when I asked them about it later on in the day. Thank you so much for coming and I will be in touch with some dates for next year! Lovely to see you both again. Kind regards, Elizabeth
Hi, Thank you so much for coming to visit us last week. The children really enjoyed themselves during the workshop and have been able to recall their learning from the day since. The whole school, including the staff, loved the performance and especially the dancing. It was so nice for the children to be able to experience live music and be able to dance to it in such a natural way. Many thanks again for a lovely morning, Vicky Garwood
Hi Marcella Everyone loved the steel pan music session. We have some lovely photos to share with parents showing their young ones smiley faces. Hope you enjoyed your visit too. Best wishes Alison
Dear Marcella I have spoken to Mrs Douglas about the workshop and she told me that the children and staff had a fantastic time. They were all singing and dancing and talked about the sessions afterwards. Thank you. Sally Stopford
Everyone had such a fantastic morning with you both, and the adults had a great time too. Thank you so much for coming to our school. Best wishes, Sarah
Hi, The children had a fantastic afternoon. We uploaded some photographs on our school website and included your website details. This was also put on as a blog with a video and the head teacher tweeted about it so hopefully spreading the word to other schools and groups who may get in contact to book a session for their schools or organisations. Thank you for visiting us it was lovely to meet you both and I will continue to keep your company in mind for the future. Best wishes and early Christmas greetings Sarah O'Connell and the Y3 team
Dear Marcella The children absolutely loved it, from the youngest to the oldest! It was brilliant to welcome you back to Nacton, and I certainly would like to make it a more regular occurance, if not annually, maybe every two years. Thank you so much for a fantastic day. Ginny Mrs Georgina Ryan Headteacher
Hi ​ Thank you for yesterday. The children thoroughly enjoyed it. Dave
Both children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the performances, thank you kindest regards Andrea, Headteacher
Hi Marcella Thanks for contributing to the success of Black History week. We have had positive feedback from both parents and children alike. looking forward to having you again next year God willing. Mr T D'Auvergne
Hi Marcella, Thank you to you both for a wonderful experience. The pupils and the staff thoroughly enjoyed the session. It has certainly inspired our pupils to learn more. I will pass on your details and recommend you to teacher friends I know in other schools. Kind Regards, Gillian
Hi Marcella All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed both the performance & the workshops. It was really nice to have a different type of musical experience for the children. On behalf of M Shedden Regards Lorna Cook
Hi Marcella and Junior, Regards to your lovely visit on Monday 26th of June. It was a pleasure to have had you both in at Cippenham Nursery. The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The children liked dancing to the Steelpan music and playing the Steelpans. Guessing the nursery rhyme was a lot of fun encouraging the children to really listen to the tune. It was pitched at the right level for the children. Once again thank you and wishing Junior and yourself all the best for the future. Kind Regards Kathy Li Deputy Headteacher
Hi Marcella, Sorry I didn’t manage to catch up with at the end of your session. I understand everything was settled and Year 4 and I would like to say thank you so much for delivering such an interesting session. We all had a go at playing the steel pan drums once we got back to class and I’m sure you will get many more views on your websites this week! Once again thank you and wishing Junior and yourself all the best for the future. I’m sure we will see you again soon. Warmest regards Christine Houghton-Tye
Hi Marcella I've spoken to all teachers/staff who thoroughly enjoyed it and had lots of positive responses from the children. The children spoke lots about the steel pans and loved the sound it created. Thankyou, Natasha
Hi Marcella, Thank you for the steelpan workshops. The children absolutely loved the assembly and went back into class very excited. They did also enjoy the workshops and learning about a different culture and instrument. Kind regards, Sally Mrs Sally Lavelle Deputy Headteacher
Dear Marcella, The children loved the visit. The assembly was great and as one of the staff said in the staffroom during the day, they felt uplifted themselves for the rest of the day. It is funny how music has that effect on everyone! The children who completed the workshops enjoyed having a go on the instruments and learning morning about how to play them. All in all I am so glad that I booked you in whilst you were over. I believe it is essential for our children to realise the importance of music, particularly at a time when so much emphasis is placed on Reading, Writing and Maths. Thanks again, Richard Heaven
Morning Junior, The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, they loved learning about where the drums came from and how they were made. They really enjoying singing along to the music. Thank you for a lovely day. Have a great weekend Emma
Good morning Junior and Marcella, The children absolutely LOVED it! On our school intranet, there are lots of positive comments, including ones asking for you to come back again, children who want to have a go on our mini steel pans ( I have had some beaters made specially so they are ‘good to go’!) and ones saying how fantastic it was. Thank you so much for enthusing them about your music. Hopefully we will see you again! Kind regards Sara Ayres
HI, Yes the children loved visit. So did the staff! It is always good to have live music in school and even better if the children get a hands on experience. Thank you for coming to visit us. Rachel Ashley Headteacher
Hello, Just a quick message to say thank you for a fab day. The whole school loved your workshops, so much so that they continued the conga out on the playground. It was lovely to see the whole school having fun in your engaging workshops. Thank you again! Madison Theobald
Hi Junior and Marcella, The pupils loved their workshop with you both. They did some writing about the day and of course have been listening to lots of music! I hope you are both well and thank you for such a successful day! Sara Patterson
HI, Thank you so much for yesterday. It was lovely to see you again, sorry I wasn’t able to come over and say goodbye. The boys loved the workshop and were talking about it for the rest of the day. They particularly enjoyed joining in with the songs they knew and the conga at the end! Lots of the boys remembered a lot of the facts you told them too. I have one boy in my class who is a massive Elvis fan so he loved the Rock n roll section! Thank you again. Kind regards, Elizabeth Price
Hello Marcella, Just wanted to drop you an email to thank yourself and Junior for a wonderful experience for our children. Staff thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and the children were still asking lots of questions about steel drums the day after. Thank you both for a wonderful experience all round - we hoped you enjoyed visiting us too! Kind regards Gary Tuttlebee Assistant Headteacher
Good evening Junior, Apologies, my previous email must not of come through to you. Both the children and the staff were delighted with the steel pan workshops that both yourself and Marcella presented to us. You both had an excellent way of engaging and teaching the children that had them so enthusiastic and excited. It was lovely to come in to the whole school presentation to see al the children dancing around and smiling/laughing to the music being played. Thank you both so much for adding a great energy to our International Week. Kind regards, Karen
Yes we did all enjoy your workshop-thank you once again. Below is what we have written on our newsletter, with comments from the children. Steel Pan Workshops: The whole school enjoyed the experience of the steel pans on Monday, with each of the classes having their own slot to “have a go” and sing and dance along with the music. And the some of the children’s points of view… Year 6 EF-the steel pans were entertaining and we learnt about them and got to play them; it was fun. Year 5 HW-absolutely amazing. I don’t know how they tuned them with a hammer! Year 4 RV-we were shown how they work and they are good instruments to play. Year 3 SK-it is fun experimenting with things you have not seen before. Year 2 AB-it was fun and we all got to have a go and we did the conga. Year 1 FG-we got to try the steel pans and we did the conga. Year R BM-it was good they made a piano noise (the notes were the same!).JS-the man let us play them and we got to do the conga. J Best wishes Shelley Miss S Jones – Headteacher
Good Afternoon The boys enjoyed it very much, we have bought two small steel pan drums for music lessons as a result! Sharon English Secretary
Dear Marcella and Junior Thank you so much for your performance and workshop last Friday. It is very rare for all our students to engage in an activity together and staff were heart-warmed to see how much they enjoyed the morning and all joined in. We do not currently have music on our timetable so this was a particular treat whilst also being a very valuable social experience of participation for our girls. We hope to be able to book you again in the future and are delighted that you made contact with us – we would highly recommend you to other schools. With best wishes Helen Everton
Morning Marcella I have asked the staff what they thought about your day with us, and all were very enthusiastic. The children were too - here are a few comments: A Y6 boy: Very, very enjoyable. I learnt a lot. Very interesting to see how the drums are made and where they come from. Very informative. One of the best workshops I have ever had. A Y5 girl: Very enjoyable and interesting. I got to try something I have never seen or heard before. A Y6 boy: I found it interesting to see how to play them, and then actually play them A Y5 boy: Interesting learning about the countries and how how old the drums were and how they were made A Class Teaching Assistant: Informative, educational and fun! I have several more - all as enthusiastic. Well done! Kind regards Cathy
Hi Marcella and Junior, I would like to say thank you for the steel pan workshop on the 20th October. All the children enjoyed the day and had a great time learning about the instrument. The workshops were great as it gave the children an opportunity to ask and learn more. I will ask leadership if we could have you again next year. Once again, thank you for the wonderful day. Kind regards, Abu Yusuf
Dear Marcella and Junior The steel pan music was superb and gave the right atmosphere to a low key sharing good evening. The parents really enjoyed it especially the 90 year old birthday girl. Thanks again Debi
Hello to you both, Thank you ever so much for a stunning run of workshops for our children in KS2. The children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did the staff. Not only did they learn about instruments with which they were unfamiliar, but the cultural knowledge gained through the day for the children was also most rewarding. The whole school assembly to start the day with is something I would recommend daily for every school! A true inspiration. Many thanks indeed, Daniel Agate Music Coordinator Ravenswood Community Primary School, Ipswich.
Hi Marcella, I had fully intended to email over the weekend but things got away from me a little as I was playing at a wedding on Saturday and had my sister’s baby shower yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you very much to you both for coming in to school on Friday. It was lovely to see the children enjoying live music! As I said, we really don’t get many things like that on the Isle of Man and so it was lovely to get the opportunity to hear the steel pans. They all really enjoyed it and the feedback that I had from the children and teachers in the class workshops was all really positive. Apparently one or two of them said it was the most fun they’d had all week! One child who attends the school has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and as such struggles to move in the same way as other children – he said to me that he could dance like that all day. Coming from him, that really meant a lot. Thank you once again for coming in and teaching the children. We really appreciated it and they got a lot out of it. Katie Lawrence Music Co-ordinator
Hi Marcella, Thank you for visiting us last week. The pupils and staff had a fantastic time and I have had lots of very positive feed back! In your sessions, you created a happy and relaxed atmosphere with your wonderful music, which our pupils responded to with enjoyment. You pitched it just right for their needs and they were able to take part at their level. It was great to have an event that the school could take part in as a whole. Music does have this ability to bring people together! Thank you again for a brilliant two days and hopefully we can have you back before too long. Kind regards, Sabine Sutton
Thankyou so much for visiting our school, what a wonderful enrichment day for all the children and staff. We all enjoyed the dancing, singing and of course the experience of actually learning about and playing the Steelpans. We would definitely recommend you to other schools. Many thanks Lynn Smith
Dear Marcella and Junior, We really enjoyed your steel pan performances at St Saviour's on Monday. The children have written some thank you letters which we would like to post to you if you can give us a postal address. Best wishes, Kate -- Kate Bakewell Year 5/6 Teacher
Our year 4 children really enjoyed the workshops. It is a good mix of information, music and dance. Thank you, Vanessa
Hi Marcella I just wanted to thank you both again for yesterday. The children and adults both throughly enjoyed themselves. I hope to be in contact next year to make another booking. All the best Kerry
Hi Marcella The children had a wonderful time at your workshop and were very excited by the whole experience. Several parents have reiterated this to me since. Thank you for a great day and giving our children an experience with music from a different culture. Regards Carol Ward Head Teacher
Hi Marcella and Junior! Thank you for coming, it was lovely to meet you both. The children had a great day - so many lovely comments from them all! Kind regards, Emma Miller (
Hi Marcella and Junior, I just wanted to email you both to say 'thank you' very much for such a great day. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks, Amba Flitney
Hi Marcella, We all absolutely loved it, everyone was buzzing and I have had 100% positive feedback from all the staff and pupils about it, having you and Junior there really made it a special day for us and you two are amazing, the children all felt really relaxed and involved at all different levels which is not easy to do. Thank you again so much for coming, I hope you enjoyed it too. Regards, Sarah
Hi Marcella, I have made a board display of your workshop in the school to remind the children of the steel pans. They all really enjoyed the session, especially having a try at playing them. The workshop was amazing, really good fun and the children certainly enjoyed the sessions. The staff really enjoyed themselves as well!! It was a completely interactive session and we encouraged the more ‘inactive’ children to also join in. I have enclosed some photos for you to see. Many thanks, hopefully you will come again! With best wishes, Gerry Williams
Thank you so much for coming to our school today, the boys (and staff!) absolutely loved it. The workshop linked beautifully to our topic on the Caribbean and there was a great balance between participation and listening. There was a real carnival atmosphere and it was great to see the boys continuing their conga line in the playground! Thank you!
Hello Marcella and Junior Thank you for coming to our school last week. The children and teachers had a fabulous time - you really brought the sunshine to our schools on a very rainy March day. The children learnt a lot about the instrument and it’s history and enjoyed having the opportunity to listen, watch, try and dance to the steel pan music. Best wishes Laura Green
Hi Marcella and Junior, thank you so much for the fantastic work shop on Tuesday, everyone enjoyed it very much. Sorry I didn't get to say thank you on the day as I was busy with my class,hope you enjoyed your visit Best wishes Mary
Hi Marcella, Yes thank you both. The students and staff really enjoyed the experience, especially the performance as they loved dancing to familiar songs. The steel pan, for many of the students, is not a sound they will have heard before. Those who took part in the workshops commented to me how much fun it was to play the drums. I have given classes your web address so they can continue to enjoy the sounds online. Thank you both for coming, Liane
Dear Marcella, I’m not sure whether it was staff or pupils who enjoyed your music more. The staff room was zinging with your praises. I was so disappointed that I was unable to catch any of it as it was a morning when I had to see several new parents. I very much hope you’ll be able to come again. With best wishes, Pamela Lore Headteacher
Thank you so much for coming to our School. My class thoroughly enjoyed the experience of listening to you play the steel pans and then having an opportunity to play them. I thought the questions they asked showed a genuine interest and your answers were thoughtful and full of useful information appropriate to the age of the children. Many thanks Jude Schenk
Hi Junior Sorry I haven’t been in touch before. Thank you for coming to play for us both the staff and students enjoyed your music and being able to join in was a lovely experience for them Best wishes Alison Gibson
Hi Marcella and Junior, The children absolutely loved it! They have written you some letters of thanks please can you advise where to post them to? Many thanks on behalf of the staff team too for a wonderful day. Kind Regards Vicky
Marcella and Junior, Good morning. Children and staff enjoyed your workshops and your performance at the start of our day. it was great to offer the children something different.From all reports at our end the day went very well. I am sorry I wasn't there to see you at the end of the day as I got unavoidably held up with another issue but thankyou again. Have a great Christmas. I hope you both get a break from all your travelling. regards Alison Beale and Lisa Fish acting Co-Head teachers
Hi both, A huge thank you from our Primary! We absolutely loved the steel pans performance and workshops. Thank you so much and we will definitely be in touch on the future, Best wishes, Ceri
Dear Marcella and Junior, Thank you very much for your visit on 23rd November. The children really enjoyed the day and particularly the chance to play the steel pans. They liked the familiar music that you chose. We all thought the whole school assembly was great as the school were joining in and singing. They are not used to standing up and dancing but actually they behaved fairly well in this part of the assembly. Thank you again, Catherine
Hi Marcella and Junior, Thank you very much for coming in last Wednesday. All the children and the teachers really enjoyed your performances and workshops. We would like you to come in again sometime in the future. Best wishes. Karen.
​Hi Marcella, We all enjoyed your performance greatly! Thank you ever so much for providing such an exciting and memorable end to our Black History celebrations. Regards, Miss Harriet Carter
Thank you so much for visiting our school last week and for the fantastic workshops you held. The children really enjoyed themselves and the steel pan music definitely created a happy atmosphere. Take Care Sue Nardoni Mrs S Nardoni Deputy Headteacher
Hi Marcella We all had a wonderful time thank you! We went into our ICT suite after the session and the children enjoyed playing with the steel pan on your website. I sent home a flier with the web address so they could access it at home as well. We have recommended to the head that we invite you back next year in the summer term and that we book an afternoon slot as you requested. We hope you have a good summer Dawn Bicker
Dear Marcella, Yes our children and staff really enjoyed your superb workshops. Really positive feedback from all. Thanks for visiting us you uplifted everyone's spirits. God Bless. Ali
Thanks again to you and Junior, it was great fun for all and we really appreciated you coming. I'd love for you to come again next year! Andrew
Hi Marcella, Big thank you to you and Junior for the great workshops. All the children loved it, as you can see in the pic. attached. Hope to see you next year, key stage 1 want a turn now. Regards Glenda Rye
Not only the children enjoyed the steelband workshop, but the teachers too. The teachers said that it was very uplifting. You gave them their umph back,as they call it. Thanks again. Keep well. Apr 4 2015
The children really enjoyed the workshops given by Marcella and Junior. We included all classes from year 2 to year 6 for the practical sessions and the whole school enjoyed the short concert at the start of the day. The reception children carried the musical aspects into their classrooms independently and freely chatted about how "great" the music was. All age groups enjoyed their sessions and the staff gave positive feedback. Thanks for an unusual and inspiring day. Feb 8 2015
Hello, Marcella and Junior, We absoloutely loved the steel pan experience. Our children really enjoyed the music, the singing and the dancing. They also enjoyed finding out all about the origins of steel pans. Thank you very much indeed, we will dfinitely recommend you to other local schools and we will book you again in the future. All the very best,
Good morning Marcella On behalf of our school can I just say a huge thank you to both you and Junior for such a wonderfully exciting experience for our children, staff and parents! The feedback we received from staff was great, each class thoroughly enjoyed the moving and shaking, the history, the hands on experience and how you adapted your workshop to children of such a young age. Our parents thoroughly enjoyed it, they said it is one of the best assemblies we have had run by an external agency. Our children they thought it was absolutely fantastic! Again, thank you so much for such a vibrant, educational and exciting workshop. Kind regards Adrienne Dec 3 2014
Hi, The children loved the experience and are still talking about it now. I received very positive comments from staff also… they thought the assembly was fantastic and enjoyable for all ages. Song choices were good too. An informative workshop was also delivered and the children recalled a lot of facts that they had learnt, as you know this supported our Jamaica learning in class. Thanks again for delivering the workshop. Kind Regards Oct 15 2014
We really enjoyed having you at Wilbury. Firstly you really raised the spirits of everyone in school, children and adults alike. The workshops were really well delivered and a huge amount was covered in the 30 minutes. Every child was really involved and captured by the spirit of the drums. They learnt a huge amount about the history and culture associated with them too. We would love you to return to Wilbury at some point. (Toni says she has your number!) It was a wonderful day and meant so much to all of our children, some of whom come from very challenging domestic circumstances. They loved it! We really recommend you and your very important and inspirational work. Many thanks Music Coordinator Jul 12 2013
Apologies for the late reply. Thank you very much for such a great afternoon. All of our learners and staff had a wonderful time and were full of praise. One learner said 'it was amazing' whilst another said 'I thought they were excellent and cannot wait for them to come back again. I liked the conga best and IRIE steel band was good and they were lovely people.' All learners thoroughly enjoyed being allowed to have a go at playing a pan; it made it feel so much more personal to each and every learner. You played a great selection of music which catered to all ages of our learners and the chance at the end to have a dance went down very well. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon. It was an experience many would like to repeat! Nov 22 2012
Dear Marcella, I am writing to thank you from the whole of Blackfriars school for the fabulous performance that you gave to our students on Friday 7th January. Our pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the visit and were overwhelmed by the high standards from your multi talented steel pan drum workshop. As a Performing and Visual Arts College we endeavour to work towards excellence in this area and this has motivated some of our students to participate in our extra curricula music lessons and brass band which we are developing within school. It was a delight to welcome your workshop to our school, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking around the school hall to see all pupils joining in the music with such enjoyment. We will recommend your workshop to our partner schools and hope to see you again in the future. Warmest Wishes, Rob Millington Assistant Headteacher Jan 13 2011